What is all-on-4 dental implant technology

What is all-on-4 dental implant technology

What is all-on-4 dental implant technology

Implant tooth is a kind of restoration method of missing teeth, which is based on the lower structure of bone tissue to support and retain the upper tooth prosthesis. It consists of two parts: the lower supporting implant and the upper dental prosthesis. The implant is made of artificial materials, which is implanted into the tissue by surgical method, and the bone tissue is firmly supported, and the upper tooth prosthesis is connected by special devices and ways.

1. All-on-4 technology can solve complete tooth loss

If you understand the basic concept of dental implant, it depends on your parents' missing teeth. If the parents are old, the bone mass is generally less, and a large number of teeth are missing, it is suitable to use all-on-4 rapid guide implant technology. All-on-4 implant technology is mainly used to fix the half dental bridge with 4-6 implants in the case of complete or half edentulous, and then install the crown of "arch bridge" on the abutment of the implant, so that the stress of the whole implant shows the characteristics of "arch", complete the dental implant repair, painless and minimally invasive, and immediately implant and wear the teeth.

2. Advantages of all-on-4 Technology

Different from other implant technologies, all-on-4 technology has outstanding implant advantages, especially in the case of patients with bone mass shortage, it can achieve high efficiency without bone grafting, greatly reducing the waiting time of patients. Compared with more than 20 traditional implants, all-on-4 full implant technology is more efficient. There is no need for bone grafting. For the patients with total tooth loss, traditional methods can not implant, but all-on-4 full implant technology can solve this problem.

On the same day, temporary teeth are installed. Due to the decrease in the number of implants, after the planting is completed on the same day, organizations with planting studios can make and install temporary full mouth movable teeth on the same day, and can eat soft food immediately. It is very difficult, because all-on-4 full implant technology is complex and difficult, so it is very difficult. Compared with the traditional dental implant, it can save nearly half of the cost. Compared with traditional implants, all-on-4 implants are less, and the time of treatment, healing and rehabilitation is shorter, which saves a lot of patients' time and alleviates patients' pain. All-on-4 implant has strict requirements on the way, angle and position of implantation, which is different from the conventional vertical implant.


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