How to start

A. Download our Rx. Form and fill it with detailed instructions;

B. Prepare the silicon impression with bite (when necessary), then print your commercial invoice for customs and an air waybill ( provided by your shipping courier company like Fedex )for shipping;

C. Inform us the tracking number. We will pay for the shipping cost back to your office whenever you send over 20 cases in one package.
Turnaround Time
In 2-4 working days since the day we received the impressions you can expect an email regarding the tracking number of your finished dental restorations.

As soon as we receive your shipment, we will email you an itemized “Request for Payment” invoice. We will begin processing the cases once we receive the shipment, but will not under any circumstances release the finished products without complete payment. No special arrangements will be made at all. 

Please note that we have chosen Paypal as our primary form of payment. Once your order arrives in Topway Dental Lab, we will send you a "Request for Payment" email for the total amount of the order, that acts as your itemized invoices. For big money, you can choose bank transfer to our HSBC account in Hongkong.

Once your payment is reach and confirmed, your finished cases will be released from our lab and head your way. You don't need worry if you don't have a paypal account because establishing one is extremely easy and cost effective. To create your paypal account at :

Remakes are handled on a case by case basis. If you select us to remake your dental works, we will need the original case restorations and original case number accompanied by a new impression and explanation of the specific malfunction. Once we receive this, we will determine where the fault originated and decide the appropriate action. If the mistake was made within our lab, we will remake the case at no charge.

We maintains a strict confidentiality policy with all of our customers. At no time will we ever divulge your name or information to any third party for any reason.

In 1 - 4  days most of your cases will be finished and send back by Fedex & DHL.  
FAQs --- About Topway

1.How many technicians in your dental lab?
- We have more than 200 technicians, including 50 master technicians.

2.What are your company main products?
- We are specialized in all kinds of denture works. For example: Crown & bridge, Removable Restoration, Implant, Precision attachment.

3.Do you have certificate?
- We have FDA certificate: #3006973441.   ISO9001: 2008 certificate: #29103   ISO9001: 2003 certificate: #29104

4.How long time your warranty?
- We provide 5 years warranty.

5. Are you using safety material?
- Yes, all of our material are passed FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001, CE certificate.

6. Can i send you Impression or module?
- Yes, you can send us Silicon impression with bite (When necessary)

7. Payment terms?
- T/T, Western Union, Paypal are accepted
8. What is the minimum order quantity?
Please contact us for your individual solution. No Minimum order required.

9. How about Turnaround time?
a.2- 3 days for PFM, Denture, CCP Framework, Zirconia
b.5- 7 days for complicated