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In the digital age, the dental world has modernized production to overcome the growing challenges of innovation and productivity. Dental labs, production centers and mutualized organizations with an industrial mindset seek the manufacturing tools most suitable to their performance needs to meet the dual requirements of quality and profitability. With new disruptive 3D printing technologies being developped, delivering unique levels of precision, accuracy and productivity for customized solutions, the dental industry is now revolutionizing its way of production with the complete digitalization of its workflow. New 3D printing technologies dedicated to dental are using moving DLP® heads to polymerize large surfaces of liquid resin with UV LED to achieve unequaled levels of resolution and speed for dental applications and insuring more repeatability of the precision and not depending only on one technician expertise. Those new dental 3D printers allow premium quality with fine detail and superior accuracy of dental master model; a per-unit-cost amongest the lowest for the orthodontic models; or the development of new innovative application with themoformed aligner replacing traditional brackets


What can we do on 3D Digital scan model



2.ORTHODONTIC MODELS Thermoforming of aligners

3.LOST WAX CASTING PATTERNS Removable partial denture, bridge & crowns wax-up

4.IMPLANTOLOGY Certified Drill Guide for precise placement of dental implants



Dentists are increasingly using intra-oral scanners, there by bringing the workflow into the digital realm.

To meet the increasing demand, dental laboratories need to increase their production capacity while maintaining the necessary precision and quality of their master models. Thanks to 3D printers and scnner,  dental laboratories can increase their production capacity and decrease perunit cost while reducing manual work and improving material efficiency.


We can make Fixed restoration and acrylice denture, implants. More and more dental lab trun around from traditional lab to digital dental lab, Topway dental lab is the one of them.


Additionnaly, while traditional stone models are unprecise, 3D printed master models are now allowing unrivaled surface finish and accuracy in all 3 dimensions for bridges and crown work, not depending on technician expertise.