Production Process

Pour model,trim margin,articulate occlusion
Model scan and design
Coping milling
Stack the tooth shape with porcelain powder,then Sintered
Mill final countor,contact,occlusion
Coping milling
Final Examining
Pack Up Then Return

Turnaround Time

Fixed Crown & Bridges In Lab Days
PFM Crown & Bridge <4 units 3-4 days
PFM Crown & Bridge >4 units 4-5 days
Metal Try-in / Full Cast Crown 2 days
Porcelain Finish 2-3 days
Post & Core+PFM 3-4 days
Temporary Crown & Bridge 2 days
E-max Crown & Veneer 3 days
Zirconia Crown & bridge <4 units 3-4 days
Zirconia Crown & Bridge >4 units 4-5 days
Full Contour Zirconia Crown & Bridge<5 units 2-3 days
Full Contour Zirconia Crown & Bridge>5 units 3-4 days
Implant Crown & Bridge<4 units 4 days
Implant Crown & Bridge>3-6 units 4-5 days
Implant Crown & Bridge>6 units 5-6 days
Removables In Lab Days
Cast framework 2-3 days
Cast framework with Wax Rim 2-3 days
Cast framework with set up 3-4 days
Cast framework with denture finish 4-5 days
Set up only 2-3 days
Finish denture 2-3 days
Set up and finish 3 days
Fixed Combo with Removable In Lab Days
Fixed & Cast only 2-3 days
Fixed & Cast and denture 3-4 days

Tooth Box Classification

The order tracking group places the dental lab cases in the corresponding boxes according to the shipping time.

Production is carried out in sequence according to the color of the boxes.

Shipping Management

Group will write the customers and their corresponding delivery times for the following day on the shipping whiteboard

Production should make personnel and time arrangements in advance according to the shipping schedule for the following day

The production department arranges the production sequence for each customer based on the shipping time

Shelf Management

3 types of cases (trouble cases, rework cases and urgent cases) are placed on the top shelf for technicians to allocate and produce them as quickly as possible.

Unfinished dental cases are placed on the shelf in order of their shipping dates, from top to bottom. The team leader starts allocating denytal cases from the topmost layer.

Order Tracking – System Management

1.The corresponding process in which it is located.

2.Corresponding production order number

Each item can be traced to its corresponding production process, producer, and completion time.

The tracking clerk will monitor the progress of each item in the customer’s package.

Order Tracking – Form Management

The customer provides an urgent list, and the document clerk tracks the progress of urgent dental cases until they are shipped on time.

Quality & Progress Assurance

1.The Tracking Department Issues Production Plan First, the tracking department divides the dental cases into corresponding shipping boxes based on customer shipping requirements, with different colors representing different shipping times.

2.Production are controllable and traceable Each team classifies the dental cases in order of shipping using the boxes and places them on their own shelves. Team members then produce the dental cases in the specified order. Team leaders are responsible for internal returns and urgent items, arranging for their immediate production, and following up until the dental cases are handed over to the next team, and then handing over to the next team leader.

The company also has video surveillance to ensure that the production process and behavior are controllable and traceable.

3.Shipping Rate Analysis Tracking clerks calculate the shipping rate and compile a list of delays based on the planned and actual shipping situation. Production assistants then investigate the reasons for delays based on the shipping rate and delay list, analyzing responsibility down to the team level.

4.Team Leader Assessment Production clerks summarize daily delays, track the progress of each team, and use this to assess the management work of team leaders, directly impacting performance.


Production Quality Management

Arrival Inspection

Inspection of implant components Inspection of the Prep teeth and margin Inspection of the model  Inspection of the wax bite


Process Inspection

Pre-design bite check Check the fit Check the margin Bite check when mill porcelain

Final Quality Inspection

Check fit Check margin Check the occlusion Check contact Check the shade

Quality Inspection Standard Grades

A Perfect, direct shipment

(1) Perfect edge fit, no overhang, no underlying color

(2) Perfect positioning

(3) Vivid form

(4) Good color layering

(5) Surface without defects

(6) Bite contact meets customer requirements

(7) No functional defects, perfect arrangement

B Requires rework

(1) Rough

(2) Bubbles, small holes, black spots

(3) Slightly misaligned

(4) Missing porcelain in long bridge tooth gaps, minor edge chipping

C Must be redone

(1) Not made according to design requirements

(2) Unable to be positioned

(3) Incorrect edges

(4) Incorrect color

(5) Deformed

Production Process