Dental Clear Framework

Topway Dental Laboratory offers outsourcing services for the production of dental clear frameworks.

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Dental Clear Framework

The dental clear framework is a type of dental prosthesis that is made from a clear, durable material, such as zirconia or acrylic. It is used to create a framework for dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges, or dentures. The clear framework is designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing, making it a popular choice for patients who want a natural-looking smile.


Topway Dental Laboratory offers outsourcing services for the production of dental clear frameworks. Our team of skilled technicians uses advanced technology and high-quality materials to create precise and custom-fitted frameworks for our clients. We work closely with dental professionals to ensure that the final product meets their specifications and the needs of their patients.


Whether you need a single clear framework for a crown or a complex framework for a full-mouth restoration, Topway Dental Laboratory can provide the expertise and support you need. Our outsourcing services are designed to streamline the production process and deliver consistent, high-quality results for dental practices of all sizes. Contact us today to learn more about our dental clear framework outsourcing services.


Our advantage

1)Clear frame denture  in good quality and good esthetics

2) Production time 3 days in lab, customer get it in 10 days

3) Shipping by Fedex, UPS, or DHL

4) metal free and strong

5) Topway Dental Laboratory is an CE and FDA certificated high quality lab from Shenzhen, China. With a floor area of 2400 square meters and as a full-service lab, Topway Dental Lab fabricates quality dental works like PFM, zirconia crowns, Emax crowns, Veneers, implant crowns, flexible dentures, acrylic dentures, cast partial dentures, expanders, retainers, occlusal splints and clear aligners…

Payment & Shipping

Topway Dental Lab

In-Lab Time

3-4 Days

Quality Control

Stable,QC Check Each Step

Customer Service

Professional technical team


UPS (preferred), DHL, Linex or Fedex




Crowns 3-5 Years, Dentures 2 years


Better materials, better technicians

Payment Terms

T/T, Paypal


ISO and FDA and CE


Dental Clear Framework quality consistency, fast turnaround time, good materials and professional communications have won excellent feedbacks from European, USA and Australian markets. In addition to its traditional working process, it works also digitally. Clients could send scanned files for faster turnaround time. Topway dental lab is equipped with different zirconia milling machines, abutment milling machines, Emax milling machines, model laser printers and metal laser printers. Its working principle of quality priority emphasizes accurate details for each case. To ensure its full commitments to clients, its professional technicians work in 3 shifts every day.