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Topway Dental Laboratory Outsourcing Service offers full metal crowns as part of their dental lab services.

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Dental Lab Crowns Full Metal Crowns

Full metal crowns are a type of dental restoration that are made entirely of metal, typically a gold alloy such as cobalt-chromium,no Ni-cr metal .

These crowns are known for their durability and strength, making them a popular choice for restoring teeth that undergo heavy chewing forces.


Topway Dental Laboratory Outsourcing Service offers full metal crowns as part of our dental lab services. Our experienced technicians use high-quality materials and advanced technology to create precise and well-fitting crowns that provide long-lasting results. These crowns are designed to be biocompatible and resistant to wear, making them a reliable option for patients in need of durable dental restorations.


Whether it’s for a single crown or a full-mouth restoration, Topway Dental Laboratory Outsourcing Service can provide high-quality full metal crowns to meet the specific needs of dental professionals and their patients. Our outsourcing service allows dental practices to access top-notch dental lab services without the need for in-house fabrication, saving time and resources while ensuring excellent results for their patients.

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Topway Dental Lab

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3-4 Days

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Professional technical team


UPS (preferred), DHL,Linex or Fedex


NP Alloy


Crowns 3-5 Years, Dentures 2 years


Better materials, better technicians

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ISO and FDA and CE


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